2 dreamers WITH A PASSION
FOR Inspiring
PEOPLE AND Storytelling.

We make documentary films focused on inspiring people’s stories. We create human centered projects, with a big emphase on authenticity. We shoot cinematic, vérité style visuals.

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The stuff

L’école des Adultes

Professional training through the eyes of 3 adults who decided to change their lives.

Nelly the medical secretary
Ferial the scientific profile from Algeria
Quentin a graphic designer who was forced to work in a fast food restaurant.

3 people from different backgrounds who have taken their destiny in their hand, for a brighter future!

The dudes

Julien Romeu
Julien Romeu

I’m Julien

Ex community manager & PR, coach in digital strategy for entrepreneurs, around Lyon, France.
I specialize in telling stories via all kind of video formats and documentaries is my fave.
I started making videos when i was 16, willing to shoot what others have to show. Today, i’m willing to show what people have to say. Eloquent messages inspire millions of people and documentary is the most efficient vehicle for this mission. 88 miles per hour.

I used to shoot soccer balls, speak Portuguese, Michael Jackson is my hero and i want to change the world for my daughters.

Benoit Paltretti
Benoit Paltretti

I’m Ben

Idealist dreamer, experienced filmmaker, photography lover and former motion designer, based in Paris France.
I specialize in documentary videography and while traveling, street photography.

My style is telling people’s stories to inspire, to ignite that little spark that can lead to a questioning, to a change.
My images have a cinematic, natural and organic feel that gives a human tone to my photography.

I shoot Leica, speak thaï, Serge Gainsbourg is my hero and I can cook the best lasagna you’ve ever tasted, for real!

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We’re based in France but would be very happy to work abroad. If you connect to our work, shoot us a message and let’s chat!